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Just read…

sometimes happiness is a blessing, but mostly it’s a conquest! – Paulo Coehlo i just read in the feeds that I have subscribed to. It’s so true that I immediately wanted to take it up. It’s a conquest with ourselves … Continue reading

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A lonely drive!

Yesterday I drove down to the mall all by myself, living at home my darling son. He readily agreed to stay home with a simple promise that I shall bring him a new Story book. How cute! Even before I … Continue reading

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Two lovely days flew by!

Two days spent awesomely with my nieces just flew by in a jiffy! Tomorrow morning they will be gone to come back only for few hours! Ah! The pain of separating with them is difficult to sustain, more so because … Continue reading

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A look Inside an innocent mind!

Today was PTM for my son. Everything went well with his teacher, except that she told me my otherwise happy go lucky chap has become uninterested and cranky in the last few weeks! The only reason I can see this … Continue reading

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