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Social Media – fruitful distraction!

Lately i have joined my school group on whatsapp and its the most severe distraction in my life so far! Yes, in between there was this farmville on which i wasted some precious time for no returns whatsover! But this … Continue reading

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Simplicity bowls me over!

I am a big fan of simplicity, in thoughts and action. after about 20 years, I received a school friend’s call and it was as if we meet often. A lot has changed in our lives, both of us settled … Continue reading

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My Big Boyyyyy!

Today I was reading through a blog named How to be a Dad. Its an incredible blog with lots of interesting posts by a dad of two. One of his posts was about renovating his 4 yr old son’s room … Continue reading

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Keeping secrets…

It’s holiday season and many of us have plans to celebrate the season with a quick or a long outing. My friends and family also had. but they kept it a secret until it was time for them to make … Continue reading

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A grand Christmas Eve!

I am sure all of you had a wonderful Christmas Eve. i am not a Christian, nevertheless love this festival for the warmth and colors that it brings to the world around. To mark this day, I took my son … Continue reading

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Two lovely days flew by!

Two days spent awesomely with my nieces just flew by in a jiffy! Tomorrow morning they will be gone to come back only for few hours! Ah! The pain of separating with them is difficult to sustain, more so because … Continue reading

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Christmas holidays have just begun in schools here in India. We are eagerly waiting for my sis n her family tonight who are coming over for a couple of days to proceed for a holiday from here. Its really lovely … Continue reading

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