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My 5 year old teenager!

As my son is growing superfast like everyone else’s kids, its becoming difficult to understand what he will do the next moment that I leave him alone with just about anything! Emotions are getting very very clearly expressed. Just yesterday … Continue reading

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A new beginning!

Finally after months of pursuing myself to enter into main arena for selling some crockery that I love to explore, I showcased the products on a leading website here in India. Here is the link. It was a great relief … Continue reading

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Why worry?

We worry a lot! Don’t we? we worry as if our life is never going to end or as if this is the end of our life! Either ways, we only waste our precious time when our focus should be … Continue reading

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Lil cute worries!

My 3.5 yr old son is growing fast with lot of queries and worries as all kids do. Lately his questions have become very interesting and difficult for us to answer convincingly. few days back, he noticed the tiny hair … Continue reading

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What is the struggle about?

Being a social animal has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are many and cannot be listed here, so let me go to one disadvantage that we face day in and day out. Thinking of people and their views about ourselves. … Continue reading

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Life and its spices!

Isn’t life so very interesting with so many colours, seasons and weathers in just a matter of few days!! One day am over the moon and on the other I feel like the most depressed person on this earth! Today … Continue reading

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New Year is knocking!

every year on 31st dec it hits me that one long year is over…what have I achieved? what have I contributed to myself  and the people around? And before I know the new year is here with all the twelve … Continue reading

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What makes you truly happy?

Recently I have realised that more than anything, I am my happiest while indulging in home décor and all the beautiful stuff that I put up on http://www.facebook.com/splurgeoncollections. I have been looking for this something for a long time. Finally I … Continue reading

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Ah! The Judging Eyes!

More often than not, we are judged by just about everybody around us and we reciprocate in almost the same manner – Judging! Sometimes when I forget that I am being judged, I almost suffocate with the intention of meeting people’s … Continue reading

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Life as it happens…

Sometimes are wonder why do we have to live with any sort of stress at all?? Then I think life would be really boring if it only went smoothly with only ups and no down time! At times I am … Continue reading

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