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Word fun with preschoolers!

Break between two sessions is going on and my son is on my head to do some or other fun activity, games and whatever can keep him occupied throughout the day. Today we took up Spello fun, scrabble actually. The … Continue reading

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Keeping secrets…

It’s holiday season and many of us have plans to celebrate the season with a quick or a long outing. My friends and family also had. but they kept it a secret until it was time for them to make … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas! may you have a great time with family and friends! God bless! All the x-mas trees that my son and I made during the last 10-15 days!! ciao!

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Two lovely days flew by!

Two days spent awesomely with my nieces just flew by in a jiffy! Tomorrow morning they will be gone to come back only for few hours! Ah! The pain of separating with them is difficult to sustain, more so because … Continue reading

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