No sugar diet – day 1

Recently I joined a page on facebook about the harm that sugar does to us. Eventually the moderator posted if anyone was willing to go sugar free for trial. I thought why not.

So yesterday I gigged on icecream and a chocolate, so as to start the sugar free diet today onwards. Half the day is gone and I could sail through it so far. Have stocked my fridge with yummy melons that will be a good substitute for the sweets and similar stuff that’s nothing but additional culprits of my expanding waistline.

Here’s hoping to continue the diet for a month along with regular exercise and yoga. Eager to see the results already 😉


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Primary starts!

Yesterday 12th April, my son started his 4th school with Class 1. To my surprise, I dropped him and came back home without any anxiety that I have faced in every first day of the last three years of his schooling – mainly because he has joined a new school in every new session!

Here I was completely complacent that he will adjust well, thankfully he did come back super happy and thrilled. He played a lot there, had his friend from previous school in the same section as his so delight was doubled.

After a couple of months he will again move to a new school as we get posted to a new location and am hopeful this time we get a city that has more exposure for my curious child. Also I can start working again and be confident of a secure life ahead!

So, I am very happy with the present state of my son’s schooling, hoping it to be a good learning place for the next couple of months.

Cheers to a rocking start!

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Mysteries of life…

Sometimes I wonder what wrong I might have done to get whatever negativity I get from few people around. Sometimes the water is above the nose when you need to make a hole to drain it all out.

Sometimes one needs to stand for oneself to protect the flaggling self respect. And this is sometimes the most difficult part of life. Taking a stand and sticking to it is another story.

Life has so many challenges that solving them becomes a mystery in itself. Right now am going through a very tough phase where am getting punched from all corners. Hope this phase gets over very soon.

Today I wanted to write about my son’s new beginning – primary schooling. Alas! I am in no mood to pen down anything pleasant.

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Lego fun !

Finally we have reached a stage where my son can figure out the entire construction on it’s own and he is quite a bit performance driven.

So today when he was attempting something for the first time with not much of a help in the manual, I appreciated his efforts. He was quick to reply – no am not working very hard or no I have not done a great job!! Well, I am happy that he is not full of himself which is easier at this age and also a little conscious that he shouldn’t under appreciate or estimate his capabilities as we go. Anyway, its always a delight to watch him reach a milestone.

Here is the pic of the helicopter that I thought would be tough considering very little was shown in instruction booklet:


This one was definitely unexpected, also I have stopped mapping the milestones on internet, its more from my own observations of his growth and inquisitiveness that keeps changing and that gives me indications of what and when I can try out new things.

One thing is am a little proud and also happy that he is catching up well on time. Making buildings and his own make believe stuff has been on for years – literally 3years! That’s a long time for a toddler to preschooler. 😉

Let’s see what’s new is in hold for me to discover with him! Muaah to all the kids out there!

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Word fun with preschoolers!

Break between two sessions is going on and my son is on my head to do some or other fun activity, games and whatever can keep him occupied throughout the day.

Today we took up Spello fun, scrabble actually. The first word he made was Hot Summer. To my delight.


I realised this game is good at taking out the inner voice of kids as they make what they like irrespective of the rules of the game. He just turns over a letter and makes it another one he needs which is exhausted in rest of the words.

We keep doing it every few days and its a good indication of how his vocabulary, expressions and though process is growing over time. Today he also had the longest word -Transformer, how he loves them!!

And then there are other fun board games like ludo and snakes and ladders, puzzles, etc that keep me and him very very occupied.


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Enchanting Andamans!

We went for a family  trip after a long two year gap and it was so worth it! Andaman Islands, south of India were more enchanting than we had imagined. I was not expecting too much fun but had heard its way better than a Goa trip so it was more of a quest to know is it really so lovely!

Our journey started at Portblair, where we had a lovely resort with beach front amongst most beautiful coconut trees. Mornings were so early and evenings had the soothing waves to calm you down! Days were mostly spent on sight seeing and checking out food joints referred by friends.

Then came the very beautiful Havelock Islands that has so much to explore, most famous being the Radhanagar Beach, so huge, so beautiful and so clean! Sand is  white and waves keep you hydrated all the time 😉

The best part of Andamans we loved was the so very beautiful Elephant beach, where you do snorkeling and is a full on Honeymooners’spot. It was good to see so many new couples so also like us with a preschooler. Its a place for every age! The picturesque blue-green water, a strategically dry fallen tree that makes for an awesome backdrop of pics you will frame, white sand and clear water are just few things to look forward to!

We also did Scuba Diving which was the best takeaway of the trip, something we didnt really think would be so thrilling! Its something one should do atleast twice -thrice in a trip!! We found it so worthy of an experience. Being there amidst the fish and corals is intimidating as well as romantic and thrilling! Its so surreal a feeling that it cannot be put in words, you need to feel it to believe it!

Here are few enchanting pics that dont really justify what your eyes see!




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My 5 year old teenager!

As my son is growing superfast like everyone else’s kids, its becoming difficult to understand what he will do the next moment that I leave him alone with just about anything! Emotions are getting very very clearly expressed.

Just yesterday after a yelling session with him, for the first time he told me that other moms dont scold their kids like you! i was so embarrassed/heart broken and somewhere waited to hear this from him. It usually happens when PMS is at its best and i cant understand what best to do with a situation that  I have to handle all alone most of the times.

And then comes his inquisitiveness! today he fumbled with cd player, yesterday he had coloured the outer wall with his water gun as he thought that this can be rectified by a fresh coat of paint and thus came all that yelling! Poor thing didn’t know that the colour doesn’t wash off just like that from a wooden chair brought home from Africa! I wish i could read his innocence before all that yelling! Regret it so much!

I wish someone told me that at 5.5yrs they have extremely buttery fingers! everything can fall irrespective of its size! The other day Ipad fell and thankfully just a corner of the screen got damaged. Its still working and you wont know a bit while its inside the cover!

I hope am not alone in this! everyone faces such heartbreaking discussions. Today I have told my son that his mom is the bestest and that other kids also get scolded at their homes. No one scolds out of the house so we dont know. Hope it works and i can get back the World’s Best Mom tag again sooner than ever. 😉

Deep within I know all kids have immense undying love for parents come what may. I just want to work on my shortcomings which I know are sometimes over the top for my lil man to handle! This is just a trailer of what we will face at teenage…well a thousand times more of what its today and I wont be able to manipulate to get the Bestest tag then!

So enjoying the every little new development with him, growing with him as much as I can! Can’t believe he has already crossed over to Std 1 and 11 quick years later I would be sending him off to college! Cheers to Motherhood and Parenthood!!

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