Option – B !

The other day I watched Sheryl Sandberg’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. The discussion was over Sandberg’s new book Option B, which is in news for quite sometime.

At first you feel this book is about dealing with bereavement, as Sheryl wrote this book as an aftermath of dealing with her husband’s untimely death. To a large extent, this seems to be the basis of the book. The interview threw some light on what the book really is about. Ofcourse it has suggestions on how to tackle bereavement in your life and in others, but it also is about having a plan B when plan A doesn’t work.

I believe this is a profound thought, though it has been there for ages, with the book its out in the open for discussion and for its cognizance. The discussion itself is so thought provoking, I wonder how useful the book must be.
Quite often we deal with situations where our initial plan doesn’t work, leaving us disheartened and longing for another chance at it. We do not think of a plan B and certainly not as positively as plan A.

I could think of so many instances in my life where I could have done better with an option other than what didn’t work, but that’s not something we desire and hence we leave it at that or suffer in silence or tend towards depression, depending on its impact on our systems. At the same time, its easier said than done, to go for another option. Be it a job, a love story, a thing or a person so loved. I am hopeful this book will change the perceptions a bit if not more!

As soon as I finish my current readings, I am going to order Option B. Here are the links to various books (from my bucket list) by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant which I find worth our time (and money)!

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Wonders of Space!

Last week I got this Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond (National Geographic) for my son, its not just fascinating for him but for me too.

I was a bit sckeptical about the content and the high pricing, but it turned out to be just right and the price is only nominal considering the amazing updated content it has. Our vacations are going much more smoothly with the very consuming book that my son reads to himself and then keeps telling me about so many facts that the book has with very interesting illustrations.

We are almost half way through, and cant wait to finish it and then read it many times over to get a hang of so many concepts and facts!

Must buy for a smooth vacation…!!

Here’s the affiliate link if you are interested to explore:

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A deviated world!

Lately I am trying to get over with social media as much as I can. I deleted WhatsApp, Instagram, and twitter to get back to what really matters in my day to day life. To get back the focus that I had lost so gradually that I didn’t even realise I was a slave of my mobile, day in and day out, as many of us are.

My dependency on mobile has not reduced to a great extent, but it has helped me prioritise what I see, what I respond to and what I dwell into. Facebook is still something I haven’t been able to rescue myself from, but then we do need a little connection with the world to entertain ourselves, if nothing else. Not to say these media are useless, they are of immense help to small businesses, to actors and promising actors and to students who wouldn’t really invest their time in studies, social media’s existence is only an escape route.

So I have become this recluse kind of a person who is too lazy to even wish just about everyone on their birthdays on fb. I am sure wishes on my bday will also come down drastically! But now it seems very childish to wish a person whom I haven’t spoken in ages and have no intention of making any effort to meet and greet! I do still like pics and leave a comment or two. But restraining myself from any sort of indulgence that will require a second look at the notifications. Fewer the better.

Staying away from WhatsApp seemed tough before I delted it altogether. But I sailed through it. My family and close friends sailed through and helped me get back my focus. I am so thankful to them that instead of pushing me away, they accepted the fact that I am more difficult to reach than almost everyone on this earth. Now a days a phone call even from family members happens over WhatsApp, so I am actually pretty happy that this dependency is over. Now we call for real, I feel responsible for calling them , previously messages were sufficient. I mail my family the photos of my son every now and then to keep the grandparents informed of their grandchild, and it feels special.

I totally recommend deleting the app for a bit and breathe in the fresh air of fewer notifications, more family and more you!


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Heart in throat! Now I know!

A heavy day!!

Of Cuddles and Cries

Just when you think the toughest part of bringing up your child is over, God sends a small reminder, hold on! You have a long way to go!

Today, a normal sunday morning, turned out to be more happening than ever with the discovery of my son’s permanent tooth growing from below the milk tooth (decayed and still holding strong!) To our horror, it had to be removed asap! Being quite new to the place and never having consulted a pedia-dentist here, we were at our wits end. Fortunate to have a few friends who more worthy for such a situation.

Tad came the suggestion that the decayed tooth needs to be removed, hmm! I couldn’t imagine the pain my  little sweetheart would have to go through to make the dental situation acceptable. Nevertheless, we cannot waste much time when the tooth grows without any warning and its hanging like a…

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Financial Bullying!

6 years back My friend had a well paying job when She could splurge on her husband and of course on their families. She never thought twice before buying gifts for loved ones because She didn’t know any other way. She believed that we are young so our buying capacities are only going to increase with time.

Then She decided to quit her job to be with hubby and her world turned turtle. Slowly She realised he didn’t want to give her any money for any spending and she also didn’t mind using up most of her savings in the next 5 years. Last year She realised she wasn’t left with much if one day she needed money for an emergency. When she asked him to start giving money every month, he panicked and couldn’t oblige. All his savings are in his name and she has few saved up in government savings, all from the days she was earning.

he never cared where the toys and expensive clothes and other stuff is coming for his own child, as long as it’s not his bank balance that is getting disturbed. After such a long period of bullying into not asking for money for the fear of giving an account of her spendings, she is scared deep in her conscience to even mention her requirements. Whenever she has, she met with resentment and lot of bull shit. Her confidence on herself is gone down drastically. She cannot buy stuff for her parents, who showered her husband with many gifts during and after marriage.

A girl who never saw adversity is facing the worst even when her husband is earning well enough to keep her light shining. She realised this when she saw the ladies around her who keep shopping for new dresses, new artefacts for their houses and also go for frequent outings with their friends and husband. This friend doesn’t get to go on dinner dates or a general outing for a coffee. Every expensive toy is seen with an auditing eye but thankfully the rationing isn’t much for the child.

Now she is gearing up for a new phase in her life, and I really wish she succeeds and he can realise he lost a gem because all he bothered about was money.

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No sugar diet – day 1

Recently I joined a page on facebook about the harm that sugar does to us. Eventually the moderator posted if anyone was willing to go sugar free for trial. I thought why not.

So yesterday I gigged on icecream and a chocolate, so as to start the sugar free diet today onwards. Half the day is gone and I could sail through it so far. Have stocked my fridge with yummy melons that will be a good substitute for the sweets and similar stuff that’s nothing but additional culprits of my expanding waistline.

Here’s hoping to continue the diet for a month along with regular exercise and yoga. Eager to see the results already 😉


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Primary starts!

Yesterday 12th April, my son started his 4th school with Class 1. To my surprise, I dropped him and came back home without any anxiety that I have faced in every first day of the last three years of his schooling – mainly because he has joined a new school in every new session!

Here I was completely complacent that he will adjust well, thankfully he did come back super happy and thrilled. He played a lot there, had his friend from previous school in the same section as his so delight was doubled.

After a couple of months he will again move to a new school as we get posted to a new location and am hopeful this time we get a city that has more exposure for my curious child. Also I can start working again and be confident of a secure life ahead!

So, I am very happy with the present state of my son’s schooling, hoping it to be a good learning place for the next couple of months.

Cheers to a rocking start!

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