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Wonders of Space!

Last week I got this Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond (National Geographic) for my son, its not just fascinating for him but for me too. I was a bit sckeptical about the content and the … Continue reading

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Lego fun !

Finally we have reached a stage where my son can figure out the entire construction on it’s own and he is quite a bit performance driven. So today when he was attempting something for the first time with not much … Continue reading

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Word fun with preschoolers!

Break between two sessions is going on and my son is on my head to do some or other fun activity, games and whatever can keep him occupied throughout the day. Today we took up Spello fun, scrabble actually. The … Continue reading

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Little Paint Artist!

This is my 100th post, and what’s better than marking it with my son’s painting experiments. Something he loves so much, maybe more than his cars and other sports! we watch a lot of Mister Maker episodes on YouTube and … Continue reading

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Refreshing vacation!

So I have been on a family trip for last one week and so far it has been good. Did some shopping, played with kids, did some more baby sitting, had some good discussions and spent quality time with hubby … Continue reading

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Revisiting Europe pics!

The Europe trip in Oct last year was the best and the most memorable experience so far. Every now and then I check my pics which occupy major space in my heart and iPad 🙂 Here are a few selected … Continue reading

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New Year is knocking!

every year on 31st dec it hits me that one long year is over…what have I achieved? what have I contributed to myself  and the people around? And before I know the new year is here with all the twelve … Continue reading

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