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Lego fun !

Finally we have reached a stage where my son can figure out the entire construction on it’s own and he is quite a bit performance driven. So today when he was attempting something for the first time with not much … Continue reading

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Word fun with preschoolers!

Break between two sessions is going on and my son is on my head to do some or other fun activity, games and whatever can keep him occupied throughout the day. Today we took up Spello fun, scrabble actually. The … Continue reading

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Little Paint Artist!

This is my 100th post, and what’s better than marking it with my son’s painting experiments. Something he loves so much, maybe more than his cars and other sports! we watch a lot of Mister Maker episodes on YouTube and … Continue reading

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Power packed evening!

Today after quite a few days i spent a chilled out yet power packed evening with my son. We raced in our terrace, in the garden, admired the sunset, declared each other winners, clicked a few pics, shot couple of … Continue reading

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DIY – button craft

Today I saw some button art on Pinterest and got inspired for my son to do it. I bought few packs of buttons and beads to begin with, just to see how it instigates my lil brainy boy. To my … Continue reading

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What makes you truly happy?

Recently I have realised that more than anything, I am my happiest while indulging in home décor and all the beautiful stuff that I put up on I have been looking for this something for a long time. Finally I … Continue reading

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The relentless cook in me!!

I love baked stuff and keep trying new recipes of the most tempting cakes n cookies. The oven at mom’s place is much different from mine and it took me 1.5 years to figure out how to bake a brown … Continue reading

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