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I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!

My love for Castles!

The moment I see an image of a castle, I google it, go into the history and admire its pics for a little longer. Something about castles just fascinates me and makes me stop everything else before am done with … Continue reading

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Lego craziness!

On my son’s 6th bday we got him the Lego Medium Creative Brick, Multi Color as we were buying the singular kits of iron man or fire extinguisher or some other smaller versions for such huge prices. This box has … Continue reading

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The bets we take!

I wonder how we put our bets on certain things and events in life and that becomes the centre of our survival. I am pursuing something these days that will totally define my future, and yes its  a bet because … Continue reading

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Deriving Happiness

When we face a challenge in life, we are told to stay strong, come what may. Especially women have to deal with the stay strong phrase. For men, its taken for granted. But no one quantifies how much is enough! … Continue reading

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The Amazing feeling called childhood!

Today, as always I went swimming with my son and asked him to practice well for the upcoming championship in his school. Like any other child, he first plays in the pool for 15-20 minutes and then joins me (after … Continue reading

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A confused next gen?

As a child, I had really high hopes that when I am grown up, all the gender stereotypes would be over for good, there will be real equality for men and women, boys and girls. Alas! we are trying hard … Continue reading

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Stay put!

Just when you think you are getting closer to achieving your dreams, there are bound to be endless challenges or one challenge so huge that will try its best to pull you down with all its might. The tendency of … Continue reading

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