Ciao ’18!

2018 is almost was.

The year gave everything one can ask for in a human year. Immense pain, grief, happiness and exhilaration! What an year to remember!

I wish I didnt have to go through the sad parts but then the better parts wouldnt look as beautiful or as deserving as they do now. I wouldn’t have come across the real faces had it not been the difficult time I was going through. Reached a few milestones, like meeting my school friend after years of planning, even after being just 8 hrs away!

Making it to an institute of immense pride and yet feeling, do I deserve it? Have i done enough to take my life in the right direction? This one question will keep on bothering me till my next achievement.

Scolding my son a little more and realising a little more that he is growing at a rate faster than I can fathom! Already 8, just about 9 years more with me and he will be off to build his own sweet world, and I will be a minuscule part of it! Well, I guess I will be content to be a minuscule part of his life, wont i be tired of worrying, scolding and loving him for all these years! That will be year 2028 or so!

Let me come back to today! I am entering 2019 at a much more positive note than I did in 2018! Thank God for all the blessings in the form of my family and friends who stood with me and didn’t let me fall. And I hope everyone has such friends who have your back, no matter what! I do feel my son should have had a sibling, but when I look at the friends I have made, I am sure he will also be fine with his friends when he doesnt have me besides him.

What has not changed as I enter the new year is my constant worry whether am a good mother or not. Hope I become better and guide him better and make him a strong individual with a heart of Gold. Not sure if these two things exist together. But I hope it does for him, and he continues to be a sweetheart!

Enough of whining and pouring my heart out here!

Wishing all my readers the best of everything in 2019, be kind and be brave! Be good to people around, you never know what battle they are fighting!

God bless!

Ciao! Happy 2019 to one and all!!




About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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