Deriving Happiness

When we face a challenge in life, we are told to stay strong, come what may. Especially women have to deal with the stay strong phrase. For men, its taken for granted. But no one quantifies how much is enough! When do you give up on the strength and behave like a human.

of course dwelling on problems doesn’t help anyone, increases it on more ways than one. There should be a place where you an go and blurt out all the frustration and get back your peppy self. Sometimes we don’t want to discuss anything with anyone, sometimes we want but the one who could give an ear and a shoulder isn’t available. And sometimes, its just too much to handle with a response.

I did hear about such organizations who just listen to you, that helps subside depression.

When I read the mythical scriptures and their derivations, it surprises me how we run towards money, fame and power. Instead of moving in, we try and move out for happiness. Again, that’s easier said than done.

Even sages have domesticated for their wives and children and left it only when the responsibilities were over. They knew they have to give it all up once the children are on their own, and their focus didn’t dwindle.

DO we have such a focus. And yet, do we need such a retirement from the world when we can still contribute. Ofcourse we should continue to be the mentor, counsel and guide just like the sages did as they taught the younger family members. Well, that’s how I derive the value out of the readings. I see Bill Gates as such a modern sage. He is into philanthropy, engages the young in innovations and has decided not to serve his entire wealth on a platter.

I am sure even Bill Gates has his share of problems and worries. Still, he continues with his efforts towards a better world. This makes me believe that to really serve the country, people, society, we must continue our efforts nevertheless. Our problems are not getting over until the last day, something will always be at the back of our mind to resolve and be sad about.

As they say, choose your battles. So we must. Happiness becomes relative at every moment.

Signing off!

Well, before I do, let me share my recent reads here:

Pashu – stories about how animals are significant in Indian Mythology. Very much engaging for children.

Sita – Ramayana from her eyes, moreso how she felt throughout the journey. This isn’t all about Sita though, it tells a lot more. Its a revision of what we know and introduction to what we don’t. The latter forms a big part of my reads as I discover a lot of philosophical views that match with mine, resonate with how I would interpret situations.

Writer: Devdutt Pattnayak

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