A note to self!

I am trying to do something valuable for myself, something that can redefine my career and my life ahead, not just mine, of all those associated with me. Sometimes, in the hustle bustle of complicated emotions, we forget our path just when its the most important thing to be focused on.

So this is a reminder to myself of how much I have toiled to get to a point where I can make a substantial contribution to my self worth, but at this time I am also facing a lot of distractions which are here to stay. I have to make myself understand that these distractions are not what define my future, my focus on the right thing will. As they say, your thoughts become your action and hence your destiny, I have to take the right action now, stay focused on my work and stop thinking of all that is trying hard to stop me from achieving that I can. Atleast I can give it my best to achieve.

I have to keep reminding myself that nothing that’s distracting me right now will matter one year from now,  but what I must do, will define my life one year from now.

I am sure it happens with most of us to lose the focus, give up on the slightest hint of being a victim, as victimizing is the best way to sympathize with self and then all that remains is regret that I could have done better had I not focused on the unimportant stuff. It could be a disagreement at work or at home. All this passes on and the only thing lost or found is what we do with our time around these tiny moments of distress.

I have to bring back my focus to myself, as this focus affects much more than my present. One thing that helps me often is watching the motivational videos that just remind you what’s important and what’s not! Music too is so helpful to be where I am and shun all the background score that is bothering me. When we worry, it affects us and does nothing, moves nothing, its just us!

Let us not waste our precious little time on unimportant things and people, let us make ourselves important , be a little selfish, and succeed for the greater good around us. If that makes us stay positive and focused and achieve our bests, then yes that’s what is needed. Focus on oneself and be the best form of yourself.

May the force be with you and me!!!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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