A deviated world!

Lately I am trying to get over with social media as much as I can. I deleted WhatsApp, Instagram, and twitter to get back to what really matters in my day to day life. To get back the focus that I had lost so gradually that I didn’t even realise I was a slave of my mobile, day in and day out, as many of us are.

My dependency on mobile has not reduced to a great extent, but it has helped me prioritise what I see, what I respond to and what I dwell into. Facebook is still something I haven’t been able to rescue myself from, but then we do need a little connection with the world to entertain ourselves, if nothing else. Not to say these media are useless, they are of immense help to small businesses, to actors and promising actors and to students who wouldn’t really invest their time in studies, social media’s existence is only an escape route.

So I have become this recluse kind of a person who is too lazy to even wish just about everyone on their birthdays on fb. I am sure wishes on my bday will also come down drastically! But now it seems very childish to wish a person whom I haven’t spoken in ages and have no intention of making any effort to meet and greet! I do still like pics and leave a comment or two. But restraining myself from any sort of indulgence that will require a second look at the notifications. Fewer the better.

Staying away from WhatsApp seemed tough before I delted it altogether. But I sailed through it. My family and close friends sailed through and helped me get back my focus. I am so thankful to them that instead of pushing me away, they accepted the fact that I am more difficult to reach than almost everyone on this earth. Now a days a phone call even from family members happens over WhatsApp, so I am actually pretty happy that this dependency is over. Now we call for real, I feel responsible for calling them , previously messages were sufficient. I mail my family the photos of my son every now and then to keep the grandparents informed of their grandchild, and it feels special.

I totally recommend deleting the app for a bit and breathe in the fresh air of fewer notifications, more family and more you!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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