Financial Bullying!

6 years back My friend had a well paying job when She could splurge on her husband and of course on their families. She never thought twice before buying gifts for loved ones because She didn’t know any other way. She believed that we are young so our buying capacities are only going to increase with time.

Then She decided to quit her job to be with hubby and her world turned turtle. Slowly She realised he didn’t want to give her any money for any spending and she also didn’t mind using up most of her savings in the next 5 years. Last year She realised she wasn’t left with much if one day she needed money for an emergency. When she asked him to start giving money every month, he panicked and couldn’t oblige. All his savings are in his name and she has few saved up in government savings, all from the days she was earning.

he never cared where the toys and expensive clothes and other stuff is coming for his own child, as long as it’s not his bank balance that is getting disturbed. After such a long period of bullying into not asking for money for the fear of giving an account of her spendings, she is scared deep in her conscience to even mention her requirements. Whenever she has, she met with resentment and lot of bull shit. Her confidence on herself is gone down drastically. She cannot buy stuff for her parents, who showered her husband with many gifts during and after marriage.

A girl who never saw adversity is facing the worst even when her husband is earning well enough to keep her light shining. She realised this when she saw the ladies around her who keep shopping for new dresses, new artefacts for their houses and also go for frequent outings with their friends and husband. This friend doesn’t get to go on dinner dates or a general outing for a coffee. Every expensive toy is seen with an auditing eye but thankfully the rationing isn’t much for the child.

Now she is gearing up for a new phase in her life, and I really wish she succeeds and he can realise he lost a gem because all he bothered about was money.

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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1 Response to Financial Bullying!

  1. Nidhi says:

    She will. She will. I’m sure she will. Good luck to your friend.

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