Word fun with preschoolers!

Break between two sessions is going on and my son is on my head to do some or other fun activity, games and whatever can keep him occupied throughout the day.

Today we took up Spello fun, scrabble actually. The first word he made was Hot Summer. To my delight.


I realised this game is good at taking out the inner voice of kids as they make what they like irrespective of the rules of the game. He just turns over a letter and makes it another one he needs which is exhausted in rest of the words.

We keep doing it every few days and its a good indication of how his vocabulary, expressions and though process is growing over time. Today he also had the longest word -Transformer, how he loves them!!

And then there are other fun board games like ludo and snakes and ladders, puzzles, etc that keep me and him very very occupied.


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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