Enchanting Andamans!

We went for a family  trip after a long two year gap and it was so worth it! Andaman Islands, south of India were more enchanting than we had imagined. I was not expecting too much fun but had heard its way better than a Goa trip so it was more of a quest to know is it really so lovely!

Our journey started at Portblair, where we had a lovely resort with beach front amongst most beautiful coconut trees. Mornings were so early and evenings had the soothing waves to calm you down! Days were mostly spent on sight seeing and checking out food joints referred by friends.

Then came the very beautiful Havelock Islands that has so much to explore, most famous being the Radhanagar Beach, so huge, so beautiful and so clean! Sand is  white and waves keep you hydrated all the time 😉

The best part of Andamans we loved was the so very beautiful Elephant beach, where you do snorkeling and is a full on Honeymooners’spot. It was good to see so many new couples so also like us with a preschooler. Its a place for every age! The picturesque blue-green water, a strategically dry fallen tree that makes for an awesome backdrop of pics you will frame, white sand and clear water are just few things to look forward to!

We also did Scuba Diving which was the best takeaway of the trip, something we didnt really think would be so thrilling! Its something one should do atleast twice -thrice in a trip!! We found it so worthy of an experience. Being there amidst the fish and corals is intimidating as well as romantic and thrilling! Its so surreal a feeling that it cannot be put in words, you need to feel it to believe it!

Here are few enchanting pics that dont really justify what your eyes see!





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