My 5 year old teenager!

As my son is growing superfast like everyone else’s kids, its becoming difficult to understand what he will do the next moment that I leave him alone with just about anything! Emotions are getting very very clearly expressed.

Just yesterday after a yelling session with him, for the first time he told me that other moms dont scold their kids like you! i was so embarrassed/heart broken and somewhere waited to hear this from him. It usually happens when PMS is at its best and i cant understand what best to do with a situation that  I have to handle all alone most of the times.

And then comes his inquisitiveness! today he fumbled with cd player, yesterday he had coloured the outer wall with his water gun as he thought that this can be rectified by a fresh coat of paint and thus came all that yelling! Poor thing didn’t know that the colour doesn’t wash off just like that from a wooden chair brought home from Africa! I wish i could read his innocence before all that yelling! Regret it so much!

I wish someone told me that at 5.5yrs they have extremely buttery fingers! everything can fall irrespective of its size! The other day Ipad fell and thankfully just a corner of the screen got damaged. Its still working and you wont know a bit while its inside the cover!

I hope am not alone in this! everyone faces such heartbreaking discussions. Today I have told my son that his mom is the bestest and that other kids also get scolded at their homes. No one scolds out of the house so we dont know. Hope it works and i can get back the World’s Best Mom tag again sooner than ever. 😉

Deep within I know all kids have immense undying love for parents come what may. I just want to work on my shortcomings which I know are sometimes over the top for my lil man to handle! This is just a trailer of what we will face at teenage…well a thousand times more of what its today and I wont be able to manipulate to get the Bestest tag then!

So enjoying the every little new development with him, growing with him as much as I can! Can’t believe he has already crossed over to Std 1 and 11 quick years later I would be sending him off to college! Cheers to Motherhood and Parenthood!!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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