Life’s unseen trivias!

FOR Last four years, my husband has been telling me to start working again by settling down in a city with my son. Since he turned one, I am being given the so called freedom to settle down in a metro so that I can co tribute to family’s Income and so that we can also show off all the wealth that others do .

Its conveyed many a times that there is no stopping for you to kickstrt your career because kids are taken care of at creches and playgroups just about everywhere and in every household. 

I have always felt that the upbringing of your child cannot be the same if they are left with people lesser than the parents. The questions they ask, the curiosities that arise at this tender and formation age is something to be satisfied by a person of a better caliber. For a child every moment brings with it a learning. Waiting for a tired evening or a weekend will not give him or her what they deserve. Not to belittle the fact that parents are doing their best to provide the best that money can offer and to secure their and their children’s future.

Had I been staying on a metro, I would have joined the career race as soon as I could have got the chance to. Thank God for giving me this option to analyse life from the other side of the fence, and also that I just couldn’t climb up the fence and reach the other side. I do sometimes envy my friends who are doing so great in their career with flashy titles and supercool vacations that they can afford. At the same time I feel is it justified to leave the formation age to grow at the hands of not so informed and intellectually oriented caretakers. The way we can steer out kids minds, no one else can.

I feel it’s the next generation that we are building and it should be taught right about relationships, sympathy, compassion and importance of each other, the little things that build a good human being, and steer the individual towards his highest capabilities. I am confused whether getting back to work with him will make things better or worse for my son and his future 10 years down the line. I am helping him become a responsible Individual which is most possible when am there with him to answer the queries that arise in his mind all the time.

And then there are my aspirations, dreams and ambitions that still await to be fulfilled. Its a tough path to chose, a very hazy one at that!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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