Losing a car!

Yesterday a nightmare came true…a tree simply fell on our car. Thankfully no one was inside or even around it.

Nature took some kind of revenge from us, a tree that I adored so very much fell just like that and crushed the rear half of my beloved vehicle.

A piece of my heart is definitely gone with it, hoping for it to comeback after repair.

When I went out of home to check the extent of damage, the only thought that came was we are safe, a thing that we depend on so much has gone but this is temporary. What is best is my family is intact. Touchwood. Thank God a million zillion times.

Its indeed a big financial set back and quite a bit an emotional one for me and more for my son who used to be super proud of his car, everyday atleast once he would praise it while on his way to school with me.

This tragedy or say incident just tight me what really truly matters for us. Car is replaceable, we will forget the pain very soon when we get this repaired or get a replacement.

I value my life much more today and that of every individual.

Pain of not having the vehicle are one too many, arranging alternative for son’s school transport, dependency on husband for every tiny requiremennts and then bearing his tantrums and favors, holding up son’s emotions while he eagerly waits for his darling car to be back.

In contrast to this, a fellow officer’s family went through a real nightmare when a truck hit their small vehicle and ran away.  In the ordeal, their daughter got a deep cut in the crown and they fear if glass pieces are still there or not. This happened at the same time as our car incident.

The pain of seeing your child in pain is comparable to none. The pain of imagining what could have happened when half of the car is smashed and still everyone is walking and talking is too big compared to what happened to a car that was parked and a tree fell.

We will come out of this pretty soon, but that family may need quite a bit of time. Beautiful part is, they are all fine. God bless them and all of us here.

In India, there is a saying – the one who is taken care of by God, cannot be hurt by anybody. “Jaako raakhe saaiyan, maar sake. Na koye”.

Wishing a good life for everyone.

God bless!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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