Swimming – stress busting – confidence building

After having completely given up on learning to swim, I thought of giving it another try. There was no one to prove to, not even to myself. The only motivation was so Many ladies around in the pool who learnt it by YouTube and fellow swimmers.

I used to think its an eyewash, they definitely have a trick or two that they learnt without a real trainer on their head. I also thought that they are hiding some critical info on ‘how to swim’, something like a secret recipe to succeed.

Turned out that they did hide the most important point from me. The hard work, perseverance and sheer focus on oneself while failing thousand times before they were called a swimmer. In the last 2-3 weeks I have made deliberate attempts to really swim across at least half a lap.

I was blessed to have three ladies who are all elder to me by at least 10 years whom I met at different stages  of my trials and errors. One of them, the first one noticed that my legs were not moving how they should and she corrected me. I thought its easy for a champ swimmer like hers to tell me but I was not sure to really achieve it. I still tried hesitantly and bingo! It worked. That was day 1 of feeling ecstatic, and a tiny bit of confidence came that I am going somewhere with this.

Second was a much senior lady who told me to stop using the board as a support. She told me the trick of getting into water without support. I tried it and on my third trial I did it. Hats off to her.

Third was the lady who told me about hand movements but I couldn’t just bring them on. I was still swimming with just the flapping feet. Then came number one again and she reinforced what this lady was trying to tell me. I tried and it happened.

So finally over a period of one week, I was moving in water without support, flapping my feet and rowing with hands. All thanks to the women who thought I can do it, and they didn’t feel competitiveness in bringing me on right path. Hats off to these women.

I am improving my techniques each passing day. It makes me so happy and a feeling of achievement is always there even if it’s in my subconscious. My life had almost stopped improving but now this is the high, an energiser for the whole evening and whole of next day. The windfall gain is my controlled weight and am secretly hoping to lose some too 😉

The take away is not just this, I am also helping the new girls joining the pool who are just like I was 2/weeks back!

The bigger plus is my son is super happy that his mom has learnt swimming, we play games in the pool, fight and do so much bonding that I couldn’t have imagined had I skipped the one last trial to learn this.

Hope someone is inspired by this write up. Just Go for it!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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