looking for answers!!

I read self help inspirational books to get some hints on how to deal with life on a daily basis.

Sometimes you just don’t get answer to the questions that life throws. It gets extremely difficult,annoying, and hard to bear that we do not know where to go. What to do.

Talking to friends helps and calms most of us a great deal. But until we do not find a purpose and goal in life, the entangled life will get worse.

I discovered this great wisdom (surely for me) that when we have a larger purpose to fulfill, the trivial things that keep bothering us do not matter that much anymore. When you are directing energies in a positive direction, and season your mind to stop thinking of the people and things that hinder your growth, you feel fresh and awakened.

All this takes time but gradually you do come out of the victimised state of mind to a creator’s mindset. Your thoughts start going towards things that can make you live better when your set goal makes you most happy.

Reading books by people like Sir Richard Brason, Robin Sharma and the likes, you understand that success is achieved by your own determinations and the power you are born with. People around us try to pull us down with every opportunity as if that is the goal of their lives. When we get distracted and sad we help them fulfill the same and belittle ourselves.

In my experience and the wisdom I gained from talking to my lovely friends, reading the extremely positive and motivating books, one should stop feeding their hunger of making us vulnerable. Rather, we should create our own hunger of success to achieve what we have always wanted to – for the kids, family and ourselvea , work towards it whole heartedly, then see the results. Enjoi them as an audience and create more happiness.

As they say nothing succeeds like success, everything else will fall in place.

Its easier said than done, buy not impossible.  Let’s make ourselves happy with the vow to achieve our deep rooted dreams of making this world and our world a better place.


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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