The Times of Keeping Secrets!

More often than not, I am caught on the wrong side of secrets. People hide stories and then create stories to hide the original one. It used to amaze me how silly I was to believe in their face value.

then came a phase when used to get upset at people closer to me who prefer to hide their agendas (as small as going on a road trip the following day!!). I would be surprised or say shocked to know that whoa they are gone on a mission they didn’t know about just a few hours back.

now I am content with the fact that this is how 90% of people would lead their lives and that is what life is about.

But the fact remains that I still believe, trust people on their face values. Because that is what I am, I wish diplomacy to the extent of being a double standard person was my way as well. In today’s society, or say culture, it’s the dubious nature that paves way for success in any sphere of life. Even my housemaid takes out my help by hiding the crucial facts and then expects to find a solution.

Where is it leaving us? This makes it important or say critical to teach our kids that hey never tell the truth. Keep it to your self and reveal it when you can shock people, make them believe that you have made a johny out of them! Accept it or not, we need to teach this to our children to survive in the cut throat competition that exists in about every moment of life that is spent interacting with people – in or out of home!

Before you judge me, think about it!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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