Looking Back and Looking Ahead!

Here we are at the crucial juncture of bidding good bye to the year that was and ringing in the new year that is waiting to be explored, lived, loved, learn!!

Back in February 2014 I came across this leadership expert Robin Sharma’s blogs and videos. They were oh so inspiring and moved me quite a bit from where I stood. I absolutely wanted to be a new and better person with a new enthusiasm for my  projects. The year almost started with a blow to our expectations of moving to a good city where I could pick up a job for keeps. Timing couldn’t have been more right for coming across Mr.Robin’s quotation on CHANGE!

Started looking at the positives and must say positive events did happen. Miracle? No! you strive for positivity and you get it, strive for negatives and they are always hovering over you come what may.

That was then, and this is now!!! A whole new year in front of us to create new things, memories, and of course start with the mighty Resolutions.! In school we used to make new ones and then say that resolutions are made to be broken!! The good old days of pure fun!

I definitely look forward to become a better person, add to it I want to take up my career to new levels of my dreams, atleast a % of it! Will try to have more fun than usual – vacations or otherwise!!

Living life to its full as much possible is my mantra! God bless us all in accomplishing our goals and dreams.

Its sad that the year is ending with two major tragedies around the world. RIP the souls who departed the earth before time and may God give immense strength to their families in the coming year!

This was my last post in 2014, meet you all in 2015!!
lots of love 🙂

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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