The benefits of GM diet!

After months of pondering over my weight issues and the idea of trying out this famed diet, I finally did it a week back. And the benefits are more than I could ever think of. All I wanted was to lose some tummy fat, love handles and lesser fat on my arms. What I got is much more than the weight loss.

To begin with, after 3 days of following the routine, I was happier, lighter and much fresh to wake up without an alarm in the mornings. Add to it, I didn’t even get tired through the day because of early mornings as opposed to earlier when waking up early was a pain.

The Glow on your face!! This is what most of us long for irrespective of our regimes, profession and gender. We try eating healthy, drinking gallons of water, using the best of lotions, moisturisers, and what not but the glow stays away!! Five days into the diet program was my birthday and had guests over. They observed the stark change in how I looked! And we meet quite often, so that was a huge compliment and a motivator to keep it going, despite the cravings I had!

A new hope!! I was into gymming for about 6 months now, on and off! But it gets boring after a while and you feel like doing something more than usual, and I simply stopped going to the gym! Ofcourse the side effect was a growing belly and bulging tyres. So it was time I started the diet come what may. We had two parties in the same week that I decided to take up the challenge. When I told people that am following this regime, they were not very positive about the end results. I was told that the pounds come back sooner than you lose them! Its not so effective, bla bla bla!

What they missed was the overhauling our body and mind goes through in this detoxicating process. The benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables and controlling the unnecessary cravings is quite undervalued. In the long run, I would say this program tells us how important are the basic food which is “grown” rather than cooked. Since I took up the vegetarian program, I am more inclined towards the veggies and fresh fruits.

I now see these as cure to just about any or every digestive issues my body may go through in future. I aim to take it up again after New year eve or say the holiday season when I would have gained what I lost. But see, I have the definite hope of losing it again with more dedicated efforts.

Feeling rejuvenated is what this can be summarized as. My friend is also inspired and has started her diet today onwards. Positive things have a good following! Nothing wrong in having the veggies/fruits/essential proteins when all that they offer is good health!

PS – I did cheat a little here and there like morning tea and a brown bread slice everyday for breakfast! I wonder if eliminating these would have done more wonders…will try it next time!



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I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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