Beating Anxiety!

My husband and his side of family is a big fan of anxiety. Most of the times there is no big reason behind an episode. Recently he had a bad phase when he had to take an exam for which he was more than prepared but his unconscious habit of getting anxious took over him and also over the better sense. To make it worse I wasnt with him in person and he had really bad 5 nights before the D-day.

We avoided the thought of taking sleep pills but that had to be resorted to so that next day was bearable after a full night’s sleep. Of course it was done on prescription, but that is besides the point. Exam went well, results came better and he cleared it with flying colours.

Now when he looks back at it, he himself is worried as to why he got so anxious that untill 2 in the night he couldnt sleep in those days. This wasnt the first time. Every time there is a big deal approaching and that calls for his preparedness, anxiety takes over to spoil it.

I on the other hand am 50% less anxious. Reading self help books and applying quite a good amount to my day to day life gets the credit for it. But it seems when anxiety is a hereditary gift, its very difficult to beat it. Today he wanted me to lecture his mom on the topic – how to beat the problem and how to address it before it eats you up. Conservatively I told her a couple of things that I keep telling my husband too.

1. Write down what you are worried about in question and answer format. If you can answer it, there is nothing to worry about. if you cant, then also nothing to be anxious about as it is not in your hand. Do your bit and wait for results.

2. Do what destresses you. Even if it looks silly to others. She has a good hand at drawing, so I suggested her to get a chart paper and start drawing and keep improving. Do social service that takes you away from your thoughts and makes you see what others are going through.

3. Count your blessings. There are 100s out there with much less than what you have achieved and what you are blessed with. Life’s good if you dont have to worry about your roof and food and closet!

4. Keep the glass down before you go to bed. Practice it. Everyday. Even if its a small worry, make sure you don’t sleep with that in mind. Carry it forward to next day when all you can do about it is worry and spoil your present.

5. Speak to someone about your problem so that it doesn’t kill you within.

There were my two cents on reducing stress and living a little better than average. My inspirations are Paul Coelho, Robin Sharma, Richard Carlson etc. IMproving everyday in the little things that I do to my life.

This quote sums it up well:



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