Saying bye is so tough!

In few days I would be moving back with hubby after a gap of 40 days. Staying with parents is always taken for granted and when its time to leave, my heart keeps beating faster than ever, am sad deep within but it cannot be shared anywhere but here.

No wonder, I am happy to be getting back to the place I rule 😉 At the same time, its difficult to say bye to the place where am treated like a princess and there is so much love! I will miss all the little worries that my father has every time i step out of home, every day! It makes me crazy for a few seconds that why does he have to worry about me even today. I went to hostel after high school, wonder how he must have sent me.

Well, recently i read this quotation: “Parenthood…It’s about guiding the next generation, and forgiving the last.”
Peter Krause

So true!! I am sure I am going to behave exactly like my father when my son grows up. Its an everyday battle to send your heart out there with strangers in the school. A battle that everyone goes through and one that will only end with you. Well, as much as we want our kids to leave us alone and let us be for a while, the very next moment we start missing them.

My son sends me to the Gym wholeheartedly when I know that deep within he is keeping a huge rock on his heart to let go his closest property that he thinks he owns forever 🙂 When i come back, he hugs me as if I had gone for ages. That’s so reassuring, especially when you start having some good teary arguments with your toddler almost everyday! In 10 years the relationship will change and he will hate us for every tab we will try to keep. Lol!

So I am living each day with him and my parents as the most cherished day of our lives. Saying bye in a week will be absolutely heart breaking, I am sure life will quickly take over and we will all get back to our business. That is good and bad.

While i fight with my mixed emotions of being sad and thrilled to be back with hubby, my son cannot wait to start his packing! Vicious circle!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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