My big boy turns 4!!

Yesterday 8th September was my son’s fourth birthday and this year my excitement fell much short of his own desire to feel the day in and to enjoy his gifts. 

On 31st we celebrated my dad’s birthday and we wished him at 12 in the night. This left an impression on my cutie that birthdays start in the night and he didn’t sleep u till we had a small cake cutting at 12 and he ate the cake to his full capacity. Blew the candle as soon as it was lighted and started cutting it how so ever he could. It was the cutest celebration with no hang ups! The one to be celebrated was celebrating in high spirits! 

Then came the morning with his dad who is currently away for some work. The moment my little champ woke up, he rushed to find if any gifts had arrived yet. Of course they were there all packed by me, waiting for his tiny hands to tear apart the freshly packed wrappers. The excitement in his eyes was so lovely. The gifts were chosen with him on the Internet so he knew what’s inside, except two of them. So the surprises did work well. He couldn’t wait to play with the knapford station and Thomas engine as also the new paper art work awaited his attention. 

Then came the cake of the day. We had to go to the hotel to pick it up for him. The cake was the. Umi Car in Police avatar, complete with all the three officers – Geo, Billy and Bot. Lately this is the series my son is glued to. So he was quite particular how he wanted the cake to be. Photo cake was a big no! He wanted the three characters for sure along with the car. Although I didn’t like the end result much, Arin bas quite thrilled and happy to see it. I could barely take the pics of untouched cake and he had started putting in the candle, then it was blown out as soon as I lighted it! Huh! 

Thats the beauty of kids and their innocence. They only care for what is true love and enjoyment. The fact that it was just the family – my parents and we three in attendance- makes it all the more a simple and most enjoyable experience for him. There was no rush to serve the cake to the guests, or to look after their snacking. All that mattered was my baby who was consciously breathing in his bday and will remember the minute details for next twelve months. 

Post cake cutting, we went to get his big gift, the cycle! Chose a sporty one for my champ. Then we went to a reserved forest to spot some animals so the day is etched into his memory for atleast few months till we visit the place again.

first we spotted was a Jackal and he wanted to know when will Green Jackal come! Other animals we saw were sloth bear, reindeer, turtles, and leopards. Also saw snakes kept in glass chambers which amused him so much. We were quite uncomfortable with the sights. Another benefit of being a child, you appreciate things as you not after an infinite analysis of how it can affect you in a negative manner. 

Well, the day was nearing an end when he gotto drive his cycle and felt quite happy about driving it! As we were getting ready to sleep, his question was Mumma why is my birthday getting over? Tears sit on the edge of a mother’s eye! They are waiting to drop at the slightest hint of cuteness and innocence. I felt so bad that the much awaited day came and went. It surely went with a lot of memories that we will cherish forever. 

Praying for a lovely fulfilled year ahead for my darling son. Amen!

Take care…ciao!



About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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