in love with change!!

I am writing precisely after 2 months! Kept busy with the new life, embracing so many changes that took place in the last one month. Overall quite a happening, eventful month that was.

To begin with, moved to this beautiful, positive new home that has a lovely garden – a treat to my eyes every morning and evening! So much greenery around leaves you with lot of positive energy to take up everyday duties. it made everything new all the more acceptable. The new set of people, the otherwise boring city, and a new routine that is still sinking in as days pass by.

View from my room...a green start!

View from my room…a green start!

One most important change that me and my son were waiting for was his new school. With much thinking and after lots of analysis we put him in a relatively new school and I was not sure how he will adjust in his new surroundings. He was totally in love with his previous school and teacher so it came as a surprise to me when he adjusted almost immediately in this new set up. Initially i liked his teacher, but now i have my doubts on her philosophy in contrast to mine. I will stay put because my son is still enjoying his new environment, hope he continues to do so for another 9-10 months.

The other vital change in my lifestyle came right from day 1. That of taking care of the home, setting it up and starting the kitchen. Kitchen isn’t a place i love or care about. So started the new cooking regime only after a week of settling down with my belongings, we reunited after 2 years so i was pretty emotional in the unpacking process. Anyhow, the kitchen started and i have hired a cook who helps me out for both the big meals, excl the b/fast. Thank God for an understanding hubby, we rarely cook breakfast, its mostly corn flakes! So all i cook is the lunch box for my son, waking up early in the morning and getting him ready – all this used to look impossible for me since am a late night sleeper and waking up early in the morning used to be a dream so far!

So thankfully i have passed the messy phase of adjustments and new routines. Its feeling good to be in the new place after long, thanks to my lovely garden. I will post a pic soon.

Nxt week i travel again, back to my parents for a month. But this time i am going to miss my house and its beauty around a lot more than previous times. These are good signs and I wish they stay this way. Its almost like falling in love with life, again!

Ciao…stay blessed 🙂

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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