Why worry?

We worry a lot! Don’t we?

we worry as if our life is never going to end or as if this is the end of our life! Either ways, we only waste our precious time when our focus should be on the more productive things. After an exhaustive episode of worries that may last for days at end, I feel defeated by myself.

i think we cheat ourselves when we take life for granted when something unpleasant becomes so important that it takes up 90% of our thought process. If we find a solution, it’s absolutely worth the effort, but if we know there is no solution to certain issues and certain people problems, we should put it to rest and move on to better and more beautiful things.

It’s like holding up a heavy glass of water in hand even while we are asleep, but our focus is on the glass which should not spill! So we lose our sleep, focus, happiness and peace for that glass of water which is happy in its place and has nothing to do with us. We give it so much importance that it becomes centre of living, thus a simple unimportant thing takes over and we get carried away in the process.

let us start worrying a little less, start living a little more. Every moment is precious and will not come back to us. Let us make it positive. It can be difficult but not impossible!

thanks! Take care!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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