Learning of the day!

Today I had an amazing reunion session with friends. They were so warm and nice. Love them even more and miss them a lot!

The simplicity with which they met was incredible, I also tried to be my normal self. Meeting people after 18 long years can be a little intimidating as well 🙂

The best take away or learning of today’s meeting was my small interaction with a friend’s autistic child. I met an autistic child for the first time as an adult And thankfully as a parent. The innocence and inquisitiveness on his face is something I will never ever forget. Lovely!

I don’t know how they react to situations, I have never dug into the topic earlier, but now I am going to do something about it. I think he liked me and so out of 3 new people, he came to me to play in his own sweet way. Unfortunately I was intimidated by his curiosities that made me say that I am scared a bit.

And that’s it. I am trying to digest this idiotic act of mine which I didn’t say to hurt parents. They are friends, were awesome hosts. I don’t know why I said such an irresponsible comment for him. I am ashamed and want to do something that can compensate my mistake. although the parents are cool and we even interacted normally for hours after the slip of toungue.

i am a person who is careful with words, but sometimes my mind chooses to ditch me and I did this glaring blunder.

Learning:  Now I know that when I go to attend events with special children or people I must do some research before going. To know what to say when and how to react. Internet should be used to a make me aware of expectations from both the parties.

i am feeling too guilty, and I have decided to do something that covers up this for my conscience even if the parents ignored it for my good.

May god bless them nd their children with a long nd happy life ahead!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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