Power packed evening!

Today after quite a few days i spent a chilled out yet power packed evening with my son. We raced in our terrace, in the garden, admired the sunset, declared each other winners, clicked a few pics, shot couple of videos, and had some interesting conversation. Kids can make intelligent conversations, better than many grown ups.

They just bowl me with their simplicity of showing care, concern and reasoning. Only if such attributes could be carried forward to adulthood!

So the conversations included how his energy dissipates when he runs, and then having a sip of water he regains the same. He offers me the same energy source from his cute bottle! Then we discussed the sunset and its rhyme, i tried to explain the east-west directions but I guess its too early for him to digest the whys and hows of it. Then came the garden where he loves to sit, and admire the greenery and flowers. Also, a small mint patch from where he plucks dozens of leaves for organic consumption. That’s the only green leaf he loves. I hope he graduates to more variety as he grows. Mom in me never stops thinking ;-).

Next leg of the evening was playdoh fun at home when the night had set in. Thanks to some really nice Youtube videos on playdoh and its creative uses, his creativity surprises me. Today he made a dinosaur with a tail, the other day he made a small mickey mouse with nice round ears and skinny legs with huge shoes.

Scary dinosaur

Scary dinosaur


Then came a big boat that the pirates can sail in!!! I wonder am talking to a 3 year old or a teenager! I seriously didnt know what a pirate is untill i saw Pirates of the Carribean. Talk about my ignorance or internet evolution of our times!! God knows what sort of topics I am going to address in near future 🙂

last but not the least was a spiral of all the available strips of played Doh! Here it is:

Tiny hands at work!

Tiny hands at work!

Their activities continue to puzzle us, every minute that they are awake and around you. What a lovely time! Touchwood!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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