Lately am following Robin Sharma’s videos and quotes to bring out of the victimised state of mind that I created on my own. today I came across this blunt truth regarding fearlessness. He has put it so simply for all to understand.

What are my fears! Well, fears range from talking to certain someone or a group of people, taking the first step in a project, praising someone and fearing cold behaviour, general insecurity regarding anything big or small that matters to us.

What do we do to fight it? We face it! When we don’t want to face it, we procrastinate the matter, however small or big. That’s where we fail to fight our fears and insecurities and they pile up into bigger issues. Inside our mind. It’s like holding a heavy glass all the time and not being ready to put it down because of the fear of spilling it.

I watched a short video on fighting procrastination and it has changed how I tackle my day to day issues. It could be a small thing like putting the laundry in the washing machine. When I think of the whole process, I think its so time taking. But it’s not, matter of 5 mins and am done. Similarly, when we are worried and afraid, we put things in the back burner and that keeps on occupying a large space in our minds which should otherwise be loaded with positive ideas and thoughts.

everyday am beating fear and procrastination step by step to lead a better life and to cultivate better thought process.

wishing you all the same 🙂

stay safe!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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