Vacation and more!

10 days from now I will start a month long vacation with my hubby and kid. It will be mostly with his family and at the new posting location. If we get a chance, maybe a short getaway to a hill station or whatever works out.


i am feeling excited to be reunited with hubby, but very very sad for my parents who are going to miss my son so very much! In the last one year, max we were away was 15 days, with a promise to return. This time it could be two months as well and I am feeling so helpless that they won’t see their grandchild for such a long time. More so because we all are so well settled here, my son doesn’t even know that he will away from his heart n soul and his toys.

Well, now I understand why people say life of army officer’s family is equally challenging. We move like nomads, shifting luggage every now and then, leaving behind kids’ beloved people, toys and memories. Sometimes we compromise and land for a mediocre lifestyle, to fulfill official requirements. I am yearning for a settled life, for a home that I can decorate, that my son can call his home where he was brought up and his children can also see it for sometime.

Similar was my childhood, i have changed 5 schools in 14 years of education, thanks to my dad’s transferable job. It teaches a lot about adjustment. With people, things, places and yourself. There is something I read from the inspirational leader Robin Sharma’s posts: victims get scared by change, leaders grow inspired by it.

well I am in pursuit of happiness, leadership, peace and prosperity. I wonder where and when I will get all of it, together 🙂

stay blessed!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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