A fulfilling day!

Today we went for presentation to about 300+ engineering students. It was for our training centre that provides hands-on training to the budding engineers.

I was nervous till yesterday about how it will go, whether we as a team will manage it well or not, and mostly whether I will live upto the expectations of the team as well as our young audience. Today morning I had no time to think about it. First I had to send son to school. Then get ready in the meagre 20 mins that I had to present the best of myself.

Thankfully, it went well, with very few glitches in the overall program. A program without a glitch does not stay in minds for long. So I think we must goof up just a lil bit to create a memory of sorts! Of course it should not hurt your intentions.

I was lucky to be opening the discussion, as the young minds were full of energy and attention. They were all ears and we interacted well during the half hour presentation. What made it work was that I had set myself free from worries. All I knew was to keep them engaged and to make it as lively as I could. I succeeded to an extent and I have quite a few learning for the next session which could be anytime soon.

today for the first time, my mom picked son from school. I was amazed how readily he agreed that his mumma will be gone for long. When I came back he was so full of energy and questions about everything that he could think of. About my dress, his dress, my work, his gifts, play doh that he had dreamt of last night, and what not. It was so nice to come back to my little boy who so eagerly waited for me. It just couldn’t get better!

Well, i got compliments from my father and colleague about the presentation, so it gives me a high to celebrate with no work and all rest 😉 hope tomorrow I gear up for a new challenge – my son’s admission in a new school!

todo list is never short of items!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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