IN search of a perfect life!

I am going through a whirlpool of emotions, questions and moments of regrets.

All for that perfect life that i had dreamt of and planned for. Does anyone really have a life which is perfect to tee. I guess not. Its about drawing our lines, compromising here and there for the good of our near and dear ones. Sometimes waiting for the right moment while continuing with the best that we can do in our circumstances. We all know most of these points that define life.

Still, we are unsatisfied, looking to add one more colorful thread to our life. As i wrote in one of earlier posts, life will be boring without the need to worry and to work towards a goal in life. Having a well written, carved out goal is such a luxury. Whenever I think of writing down my own goal, i end up writing too many desires that look equally important to me.

Travelling to exotic places with my son, husband, and friends is on top of the list. This boils down to achieving many more things before this can be fulfilled. Having a well paying career/job/business is what will fuel the fire to achieve this huge dream of mine. I just love nature, and would love to explore as much possible in my lifetime. India herself is so full of beautiful places to explore. I have explore maybe 20% of my beautiful country. Possibly I will explore atleast 70% in total by the time my limbs give up straining.

Its the foreign locales that have the calling for me. Beaches, monuments, history, fashion and the sheer freedom with which i can explore a place is most attractive to me as a tourist. How does all this fit here? Well, this is my definition of a perfect life, having the money and time to travel comfortably. it will be a learning for me and more for my son. I read somewhere traveling offers a great deal of learning which no classroom can match.

I was looking for a rocking start to a new life at a new place. God had other plans for us, as of now I dont see a rocking start! I hope it falls in place in larger scheme of things. No one can answer this and I am not seeking an answer. It will spoil the fun and suspense of this happening life. At the end of it, its what we chose for ourselves.

Its the mind blowing decisions that we take in mind boggling situations is what defines our life!

Ciao! Happy Decision Makin!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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