Taking care of ourselves!

We often are careless when it comes to good health initiatives directed at our selves. And when it comes to talking about the same, we can give thousands of suggestions to a third person.

Well, today my uncle was closest to a heart attack thanks to his habits of smoking and drinking. Why does a person wait for a wake up call? Since he is close to us, we know how it feels to get the sudden call to hospital and then waiting for him to respond to treatments. I couldn’t beat normally since the time this news arrived. I can not even imagine what his kids and wife must be going through – witnessing him skip a beat and two!! Its heart breaking.

Its all the more heart breaking when educated people commit such health related disasters of spoiling their system with the slow poison available so freely in the market. He was not an alcoholic, but still a regular on it. Didn’t create bad scenes after consumption, but the liquor affects your system no matter how sober you behave. Is it so difficult to comprehend this?

Well, atleast people with families should be a little more cautious of what the consequences would be of their eating and drinking habits. Overall health should always be in check along with health insurance (in India its not mandatory). It only takes a little bit of will power to keep your life in check, I guess its time we wake up to reality! A health scare takes away life from everyone around you.

Take care!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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