Relationships to our Rescue

I would be lying if I say I value allllll of the relationships offered by blood or water. No. With an ego to take care of, its not possible to have everyone in my stride. Now having grown up and matured a bit (quite a bit ;)), I have observed that ego is seriously a slow poison that serves little or no purpose at all. We fear that without an oversized ego with certain people, our image and respect will be diluted beyond reasons. I guess, this isn’t entirely true and applicable.

I have myself wasted quite a bit of time on issues which could have been avoided, all because I bothered for this pinching pleasure called ego satisfaction. Watching and observing how my parents have developed and honed relationships, I realise it does less harm when you keep aside the ego. It gives you more time to think of yourself in a positive manner rather than thinking of others with the negative lens. It leaves you less exhausted even after a long day of hardwork and you sleep with an extra iota of peace.

Once my dad told me, don’t let anyone crush you like grass; it is crushed by just anything that falls on it.  Simply said, not everything and everyone should affect you so deeply that you feel the pain and anger instantly. Keep yourself above the trivial matters in life that never end.

End of the day we all need each other, being social animals. Just when I thought I will never be in this situation or place, I have been very close to it to remind me that never say never out of arrogance. Just like this, we must not close relationship chapters unless they hurt you too bad or are harmful to your or your family’s existence. I have seen from my family’s examples that no matter how bad people may feel for each other (which is true in all families), they have stood by each other in all trying circumstances. Yes, the degree of support may vary from person to person, but largely it’s the effort over the years to keep the bond alive is what has worked in everyone’s favor.

My father is 7 siblings and by God’s grace all are doing well and good. Everyone’s children are doing well and are settled in their respective jobs. We are blessed that way. it’s like a task force in action whenever a family needs something or is going through an emotionally tough time. I think such a support is possible only when you have strong foundations in relationships, be it friendship or blood relations.

they definitely have their issues like any two human beings would have,at the same time they have retained the room for peace and harmony as and when it’s required the most. I wish to achieve such a level of relationships with the near and dear ones around, of course not at the cost of sacrificing my own peace.

Let’s hope I achieve it !

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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2 Responses to Relationships to our Rescue

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Simple but meaningful friends, greetings compassion 🙂

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