My Big Boyyyyy!

Today I was reading through a blog named How to be a Dad. Its an incredible blog with lots of interesting posts by a dad of two.

One of his posts was about renovating his 4 yr old son’s room from being a baby’s room to that of boy! Well, its an emotional change for us the parents to accept that our little bundle of happiness is growing up and no longer needs the cute little things he once loved so much. I remember when I got the alarm bell that my son is a big boy! Just days after turning 3, he told me to leave his hand on escalator, because he is a bog boy!

It made me very emotional. How can my baby grow up so fast! How can he not need me for all the little things! Secretly I have wished for his growing independence but when it came into direct eye contact, I was blinded for a long moment! I guess, of all his one liners, this one takes the cake and comes with a deep message that our kids are not going to need us forever. They will move on just as we have from our parents’ shadow.

Its in everyone’s best interest to accept these little changes as they hit us on our face! Respecting the little decision makers will make them better equipped with confidence and love when they grow up! That’s what I think and I follow it much!

Back to parenting and enjoying all that he has to offer me 🙂 Living in the moment is the key for a parent, to stay sane and happy! Ciao!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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