A lonely drive!

Yesterday I drove down to the mall all by myself, living at home my darling son. He readily agreed to stay home with a simple promise that I shall bring him a new Story book. How cute!

Even before I reached mid way of the 8 miles distance, I started missing my co-passenger who constantly bugs me with his curiosities and maturity as you can expect at his age. The distance looked so much more than a usual drive with him. sadly I had to leave him at home because I was going to explore a huge sale that was here for just 3 days.

Thank God I didn’t take him, it took me good 4 hrs to explore everything and spent quite an amount! This part kept haunting me throughout the night, then I thought it’s ok to splurge at times. Sale doesn’t come everyday!  😉

so after about 5 hrs I reached back home and found my smiling son who was patiently waiting for his mumma to come back. He was with my parents so I was at peace all the time, although a few cries in the mall did make me think of my baby too 🙂

since I am stay at home mom and also work from here, my son is not used to staying away from me, apart from his school hours. I thought he took it well, but the night wasn’t very smooth. He kept waking up to check me which was very moving. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it? Leaving the little ones insecure. Good that they don’t yet understand about the mishaps that can take place, so their thought process is limited to black and white incidents.

all is well that ends well, today he was only around me and didn’t ask even for a moment about his grand parents who were out for a social commitment. This was also one of the spillovers of yesterday’s separation. I stay with my parents so their absence is noted very much by my son on other occasions.

well, lucky to be loved so much! Hope he gets weaned when I join office again, 5 months down the line.


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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