Just like that…

Many a times it occurs to me how granted I take my life and people around. Vice versa is also very much true. When you get the news of a life leaving us behind, you realise all the fight and petty matters are just not worth it. We must always have the big picture in mind, that one day we will be gone and the trivial matters that surround us, conquer our minds will look so unwanted then.

All that will be important is keeping a healthy relationship with family and friends. Living life as it comes, ignoring the flaws – better to work on these or leave them altogether, adoring the beautiful gifts of nature including our near and dear ones.

In the little life that we have, we tend to judge, criticize, abhor people who are closest to us. We like spending time with the ones who have got nothing to do with us in our personal lives. But the moment we get a chance to adjust with the same people, our mind will not like it. Why do we look for friends and mostly they are out of the family? Because they take us away from our everyday worries and also solve our issues, they are the people with whom we share our deepest fears. Fortunately friends exist.

At some level, we are running away from maintaining relations at home and try to seek love and belongingness outside which will never be 100% ours.

Well, that’s what I think and I realise it true for myself. Even after this, I cannot help but seek my friends in my trying times which are mostly emotional trying. I know I should be going to my family but I chose the friends. Maybe someday it will change for better. I love my family much more than anything/anyone.



About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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