Are we all confused?

For me, confusion is a way of life 😉

not as much but it’s definitely an integral part of my life, and have been observing people around who also seem to be confused on various matters. One day they would like all determined souls and another day, they have a different take on the same matter. Including me.

well, I think it’s a natural human behaviour that we tend to differ in conclusions on the same topic depending on our state of mind. Of course these are small things in life regarding which we keep differing in solutions and conclusions.

On the bigger aspects, am sure there is a detailed introspection and discussions involved so as to arrive at a favorable decision. Many a times, such decisions cannot be altered for obvious reasons.

i guess, this is what makes life interesting for all of us. If we had straight answers for all queries, life will be so boring. As they say, don’t stick to answers, they keep changing. Love the questions more than the answers and life gets interesting!



About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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2 Responses to Are we all confused?

  1. Yup! Being in a confusion state is not a bad state to be. It could meant that you started to question things to life. It signify maturity growth and achieving personal excellent!

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