Life and its spices!

Isn’t life so very interesting with so many colours, seasons and weathers in just a matter of few days!! One day am over the moon and on the other I feel like the most depressed person on this earth!

Today am feeling like the saddest being alive! I am not sure why this creepy feeling has taken birth! All because of anxiety born out of some weird fear of future. Husband’s posting is due soon and am worried where we will land this time as I seriously want a lively city for a change and also for my son’s basic education that starts coming July! Then there is also hubby’s homecoming that is bothering me in a foolish manner. I so want to meet him all alone when he arrives, but that doesn’t look like a possibility at all. Thanks to the presence of family where he lands. His side of family. So privacy is evaded before we get it! huh!

After four long months, I guess am not unjustified in looking for solitude and romance in the air. All that I will get is fake smiles and animated conversations! Lets hope my vacation plan doesn’t go for a toss before I get operated for removal of nail from my leg.

So in short, I am going through excitement, happiness, anxiety, anger, sadness and depression – all at the same time! What a mess my heart must be!!! Get well soon my heart!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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