A grand Christmas Eve!

I am sure all of you had a wonderful Christmas Eve.

i am not a Christian, nevertheless love this festival for the warmth and colors that it brings to the world around. To mark this day, I took my son to a mall here to show him the beauty of this day as all the shops and stores had a glittering tree with lots of goodies. In the centre of the mall was a huge tree erected with much decor to delight our eyes and to remember this day until next Christmas arrives!  Here is the pic:

Christmas at a mall!

Christmas at a mall!

As is evident, there was a huge crowd to witness the lights and decor that brings a certain happiness to everyone around it. It send really positive messages that life can be so beautiful with everyone’s tiny efforts. Of course, the significance of the day is much more for the religious reasons.

I have done my schooling in a missionary school and we used to celebrate the festival very well before closing for winter vacations. It’s all the more close to heart for tis reason as well, since it sends me back to the lovely school days.

Well, post the admiring session, we had an awesome dinner, son had his favourite garlic bread and I had pasta after a long time and loved it! then we bought small gifts for his cousins who were visiting us, and in the bargain my son also got another gift for himself from me. Sometimes it’s impossible to say No, that’s another magic of Christmas!

May God bless us all with love and care!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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