Two lovely days flew by!

Two days spent awesomely with my nieces just flew by in a jiffy! Tomorrow morning they will be gone to come back only for few hours! Ah! The pain of separating with them is difficult to sustain, more so because my son will be extremely sad when they leave.

most of the times he is well prepared and at peace with his life when guests leave, but with his sisters he is finding it difficult to accept that yes they are leaving! I am not sure how he will react tomorrow morning, just hope the extra toy I hid the other day does it’s trick of distracting him from the sad atmosphere….

this reminds me that next year by end of April, we would be leaving the present address I.e. my parents’ house to reunite with my hubby! I just hope me and my son adjust well and easy to the new surroundings. It should not break his heart!

Praying for good times ahead and for the strength to tackle the separation tomorrow!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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