I love Jealous people!!



No, I am not a sadist at all! I am talking about the jealousy people have towards me and my son, surprising na? I would like to believe in the quote above and stay happy 🙂 Wonder why people especially the relatives cannot digest the fact that my child is closest to me and he loves being around me, most of the times when he it is possible. His dad is posted away for professional reasons, so we are unable to stay together for last couple of years! Its a difficult fact for my kid to understand! And all the more for the relatives who must be brewing a lot of ideas!

Well, to begin with, my son is just 3!!! For God’s sake! I guess he is one of the lucky few of his generation to have his mom around to cater to his needs and tantrums, to pamper him like a baby and not like another piece of responsibility! Its the hypocrite nature of human beings that questions this bond. On one hand they want a child to get utmost love and care and on the  other they cannot see the bond develop into one of the most strongest!

I have seen the same people criticizing how other kids are spending their entire day in crèches because both the parents are working full time. On the same note they will criticize my child’s dependencies on me. what do you want people?? No matter what, mother-child relationship ends up being the best, unless there is a major reason for it being negative.

Its really funny when people look for a reason to keep my son away from me, which is like separating H2O from water! what a disgust and what a relief that the harder she tries, the stronger it becomes. They try doing things so subtly that you cannot really rebuke immediately, or maybe I am too good for them!

One of these days, my patience and humour are gonna lose the battle! I say its none of any one’s business to comment on how me and my son bond, its the purest form of love I have ever experienced! And I hope it stays that way, if I don’t evolve like a mother in law in future 😉

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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