The emotional me <3

Sometimes I am very emotional for my son, and I don’t understand why! Sadly I cannot share this anywhere but here! Because I myself don’t know the reason, maybe this is an intricate part of motherhood! Today my bro and his wife left after a short visit, and my son is most attached to them. Somehow he was confused about their departure and got absolutely sad with lots of tear shedding once they left.

On all other such occasions we prepare him well in advance and he bids a happy bye to his loved ones. Today after a very long time he was uncomfortable and this unconsciously made me very sad, almost in tears. Sad because I could not explain him clearly about the situation, since there were more guests leaving prior to them. And the lil one thought his people will not go today! Alas!

although my son got back to his business in fifteen minutes, I am left in this emotional hurricane! I feel he is missing out on something that I am not able to provide – An intangible requirement! I stay with my parents and they shower him with so much love, he is very lucky that ways. Not many kids get to stay with their maternal side of grandparents as much as they get the other side. And he is also getting an excellent atmosphere to learn all that a little mind can learn. A beautiful garden, good no of toys, good number of visitors who are intellectually capable of talking to him, an engineer grand dad who can teach him some science when his cars fail to run, his granny is an old time kindergarten teacher who teaches him the rhymes and all the funny things that he loves doing, our helps who leave no stone unturned to see him happy! I was just counting my blessings here, and still I feel a void somehow.

its possible that I am missing my husband finally that his time to return to us is coming close! Our heart behaves really strangely! When it was time to leave, I was very sad but had prepared myself enough to be ignorant of my feelings so I could look after my son well. Now my feelings are going out of hand!

I am sure in a day or two, I will be back to my usual extra strong mom who has to hold the fort right until the other pillar arrives!

I am still not sure why am emotional! Thanks for reading 🙂

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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