A look Inside an innocent mind!

Today was PTM for my son.

Everything went well with his teacher, except that she told me my otherwise happy go lucky chap has become uninterested and cranky in the last few weeks! The only reason I can see this happened is because he is missing his dad tad too much for his lil heart to handle. He has never expressed this side at home, but yes has aksed many a times why did we come back from our trip (Europe, where we reunited with my hubby for a while, he will be back for good next year march).

I felt like crying for my baby who has suffered so much – emotionally! we take kids for granted, sure they also do the same to us but only unknowingly. Its easier for us to take a decision that boosts our career while we ignore the fact that impact on this little child is more than we can ever assess. As an adult its easier for us to accept a separation, we know what is going on and for what. But for a kid, its difficult to explain how many days more to go before he sees his dad again!

Today I feel better about my decision of staying at home for him, atleast he has someone who will never leave his side. This sense of security is a much required tool for him to grow as a balanced individual, although some harm is already done in the last year of separation from his dad. People have suddenly become too much career oriented- including me! I respect myself lesser because I am not earning as good as my fellow batchmates and relatives. But one thing am sure of is that my child is any day getting a better grooming by me, than a relative or a helper.

yes we are compromising on the money front, but then money will follow when we really need it. Husband is doing well and will do better as he grows in life, even I will pick up a job which will eventually fetch me much money but the wealth of my child’s memories and formative years is here to stay with me! Thank God for a few wrong decisions that led to this right one!

God bless all the kids who have no option but to go through separation from either of the parents!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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