An awesome birthday!!!

Yesterday was my nth birthday and it was the best of all in my married life of 7 years!! Thanks to my darling son (3yrs). I couldn’t imagine how excited he would be for my b’day. He wanted to do all that I did for him on his birthday that was in Sep.

Day started when he came back from school and sang the song with all his excitement, jumping out of happiness! To add lusture to my day, dearest hubby sent across a lovely bouquet of red roses, which I wish I could cherish for a long long time! But they have to writhe away!

Back to home celebrations: My son waited for guests to arrive and had laid out plates with sweets and lil toffees for them. Sadly we had not invited anyone. he still waited until evening when he realised no one is turning up, and then had his share and distributed it to all at home. Unfortunately my hubby is posted out of India, hence he couldn’t be a part of this wonderful day which I was not planning to celebrate! I had planned a quiet evening at home – watching TV and playing with him. Then I realised there should be more for him to remember this day. I took to a mall for some fun, shopping and dinner.

Moment we entered the mall, my baby told me mumma we will do all that you want to do 🙂 oh so cute and thoughtful!!! When I asked him what gift am getting, he said he will give me lots of them (because he also got lots on his). Then obviously the evening went as per his directions. We started with ice creams, then toy shopping, then clothes shopping for me. And then came his favourite jumping place followed by the pizzaaa!!!

I was satisfied that this evening went well for my son who will remember it for atleast a couple of months 🙂 and I will remember it for a few years for sure, if I don’t suffer with memory loss!!!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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