Our Europe Trip – Paris Leg!

Recently we concluded our much hyped and planned Europe trip with our little one. I had the perception that my son will appreciate the new atmosphere and the Disney Land Paris. We tried our best to keep him happy and entertained but he had other plans.

First things first, we could not carry the much need stroller which was a must with my 3 year old. Unfortunately a bad decision and timing took over me 😦 And rest is history which I shall discuss in details here.

Our first stop was Paris city which was so alluring that we were mesmerised with its beauty, except ofcourse my son! It was moreso because of the jetlag he was experiencing, woke up early then wanted to take a nap when we ventured out. He loved the open spaces everywhere, when he could run after the pigeons, or play with water – fountains or lakes or ponds! and ofcourse when he got huge cone of gelato!

Strange thing was he enjoyed on the little wonders but could not really appreciate Eiffel, Seine cruise and other statues that he otherwise shows interests in. Well, we still managed to breathe in the city with a hope that when my lil one grows up he will look back at the pics with a glow in his eyes!

Next day we moved on to the Disneyland which we especially included just for him. Well, he enjoyed a lot but then walking was out of question for him. so here we were carrying him all around – atleast more than half of the time! Nevertheless, the cute little rides for the toddlers was much fun for him! our first stop was meeting Mickey, after a 45 mins wait in the long queue the moment came and we all were so thrilled!!! Such is the atmosphere that we just went with the flow like a kid would! Did the photo-session with Mickey Mouse and went onto explore the dreamland! Ofcourse trips to washroom were there in between!

The rides we did were Cup n Saucer, Horse, McQueen Car, and Slinky Dog. Others had height criteria which fitted more for 5 yrs and above! Then came the much awaited evening Parade! The music, the characters and the entire setting was so amazing, dreamy and loving. Wish it had lasted longer for us to catch it till the end!! Post this we went on to do some shopping, and here we had the experience of the day with our son. He wanted a pack of cookies which was obviously atrociously priced (thanks to the DISNEY tag). Sometimes we need to say Nos and earn bad bad points with these lil ones. The tantrum started and lasted for about half an hour. We tried to console him with all we could but no way! Then we entered the DLP again as Walt Disney was closing by 7. The evening had brought us to an all new atmosphere, everything glittering, sleeping castle alive again with the beautiful lighting arrangements. It was nothing less than a dreamland! We didn’t have energies left to stay till 10 for attending the light show! But what we saw was something we will cherish forever and ever. Hope to visit Disneyland USA someday to relive the awesomeness yet again , and this time our son will also will be a grown up to truly cherish his visit!

Next day we proceeded to Rome by train via Milan. The most beautiful journey we ever had! I knew its a scenic journey all through, with French countryside, swiss Alps and Italian farms on both sides of the windows! We felt so blessed being in such an amazing place!

Here are a few snapshots from our train windows:



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