Missing Europe!

It’s been over a month that we concluded our euro trip and am still unable to get over with the hangover! Even a cursory look at pics takes me back to those lovely terrains, monuments and sheer magic of the countries we visited! And I cannot stop thinking when I can visit it next! before my next trip, I need to do a lot of savings and a better planning so that it’s much more memorable than this one!

Swiss in particular took our breath away! It’s landscape is unmatched! Cost of living too! But for a tourist it’s the ideal place to spend the money and come back with mostw arm memories to cherish for rest of your life! in the planning stage, I was told it’s the costliest place in the world, beware! Yes it was but then it was the most beautiful too! If you can stretch a little, it’s a destination before you die.

More than the snow peak, I loved the greenery all around in the villages. Although we could only admire those from our train windows! They bring you alive from any state! I wonder if people in this beautiful country have any reason to fall sick!

I also admired the go getter women in Europe. Overall, there was respect for women in these countries which many Asian countries need to learn And put to practice. It was the most humbling experience for me and my husband and we definitely plan to arrive again!

thanks Europe! You are the best!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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4 Responses to Missing Europe!

  1. I am going soon! You make me so excited in looking forward to visiting the Swiss mountain etc! haha

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