Life is…how you respond!

Our state of mind is often A result of our own creativity that sends emotions in reaction to a certain situation. It’s we who decide how to feel about someone, somebody or something and this doesn’t really bother anyone but us. It’s easier said than done that we should be in control of emotions or that it’s good to respond than react and so on so forth. The list of advices is endless and increases as we approach somebody with our state of mind which is sad or hurt sometimes. This does not discount the fact that we are making our lives’ story with our own decisions barring a few natural influences.

It has been a very late realisation for me, took 32 years! To understand to an extend why people around do things that they do. I still fail to understand why someone close has to do things round about when they can be done in a straight manner. In an office, it’s well understood that we are in cut throat competition. It’s sad when this is taken home and we get used to doing such things to our near and dear ones, knowingly, selfishly. What do we get? Harsh feelings and memories.

i try not to respond in such situations, but rather take a silent route that best states my answer to those people. I know it’s not wise to be silent always…then I heed in my husband who I think is much smarter in these matters of dealing with politics around. Sheer wittiness is what we need.

yes am disheartened today by someone close and I don’t plan to hit back , or maybe I have already – just not sure if that person knows. 😉

may god bless us all with an awesome group of friends and family that can uplift us in these scenarios when u cannot discuss it all and still u feel that life is good With them around! Amen!



About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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